A true story by Melissa Draper

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For anyone who has ever bought a pet with high expectations, for everyone—pet or otherwise —who has tried to live up to someone else's idea of who they ought to be, Holly the Christmas Collie is a must read.

The Midwest Book Review calls Holly the Christmas Collie a "delightful storybook, which resonates with Christmas spirit all year round"

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Holly with a Christmas bow There are brown and white collies, black and white collies . . . there are even blue collies! There are working collies, and collies that are just for show, collies that are movie stars and collies that are just pets. Holly, as it happens, is a Christmas Collie, and, if someone would just tell her what a Christmas Collie is, maybe she could decide whether she wants to be one. Mom and Dad—Holly's new owners—are delighted with Holly but just haven't gotten used to the fact that she's nothing like Augie, the pet whose paw prints Holly must try to fill. Bess, Holly and C.C. Searching for friends and answers, Holly turns to everyone from C.C., the family cat who just wants to be left alone, to Bess, the veteran mare who offers words of wisdom in between mouthfuls of hay. Learning the hard way that you can't run away from  your problems, Holly eventually comes to realize that who she's going to be is a question that only she can answer.

Acres Publishing is pleased to announce the release of Holly the Christmas Collie by Twin Cities author Melissa Draper. Based on a true story, this Christmas tale should Holly arriving at her new homedelight children everywhere with the heartwarming story of a puppy trying to find its place in a new family, and the whole family will enjoy this new take on the timeless lesson that no matter who you are or where you try to fit in, you can only be one thing—yourself.

This 64-page children's chapter book was beautifully illustrated by J. Elise Kravanek, and should be ideal reading for children and pet lovers of all ages.

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Melissa Draper and Holly the Collie

About the Author
Melissa Draper grew up in the Alton, Illinois area. After graduating from Illinois College and the University of Iowa College of Law, she practiced law in Minneapolis for a number of years. She has always loved to write. However, after thousands of pages of legal briefs, she was ready for a different genre. Having read children's stories to her son for years, she decided to write one of her own—the true story a family pet. Holly the Collie, whose real life experiences provided the inspiration for this story, has been a member of the Draper family for many years and continues to live (and we believe— "Happily Ever After") on Melissa's parents' farm in southern Illinois near St. Louis.

At left, author Melissa Draper sits beneath the Christmas tree with Holly in 1991 when Holly became the Christmas Collie.

Elise Kravanek, Melissa Draper and Holly the Collie

About the Illustrator
Elise Kravanek has loved to draw ever since she was old enough to hold a crayon. Untrained as an artist, she started out painting for friends and family, experimenting with a variety of mediums and painting everything from walls to furniture and sweatshirts. However, what started as a hobby eventually became an occupation when a serious car accident left Elise unable to stand for the long hours necessary for her work as a hair stylist. Seeing the accident in terms of the windows it opened rather than the door it closed, Elise began to pursue art as a full time occupation and now has a successful business painting murals near her home in East Alton, Illinois. A long time dog owner, she gladly agreed to turn her talents to the illustration of her first children's book—Holly the Christmas Collie.

At right, illustrator J. Elise Kravanek and author Melissa Draper pose with an older Holly, Christmas 2002.

Oval image of Holly

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